Enjoy a safe stay – Covid 19

Although we have all gone through a difficult couple of years, we would like to reassure our guests that you will be able to enjoy a relaxing and safe stay at The Old Quay House.

We have reviewed our previous procedures and services and have made several adjustments, as yours and our team’s safety is paramount. All procedures and planning is reviewed daily and subject to change following government guidelines.

The following points will hopefully reassure you that your much needed Cornish getaway is going to be the peaceful retreat you have been yearning for:

1. Our nine beautiful Lodges are located externally within our grounds with private individual access.

2. Pre-booked continental breakfasts will be delivered to your lodge the day before. A standard continental breakfast containing a selection of the items below will be delivered, however if you would like to specify what cereal etc you would like, please do let us know in advance by completing the order form which will be available in your lodge.  To specify your breakfast items for your first morning, please do let us know prior to your arrival. Please also let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Fruit Juice – Orange, Apple or Cranberry
Cereal with Milk – Alpen, Cornflakes (Gluten Free), Crunchy Nut, Fruit’N Fibre, Museli (Gluten Free), Rice Krispies or Weetabix
Croissant or Bread (Gluten Free)
Selection of Preserves – Honey, Marmalade, Strawberry or Raspberry Jam
Plain Yoghurt or Fruit Compote (natural yogurt, mixed berries and granola)
Selection of Continental Cheeses and Meats

3. Our lodges will be serviced daily unless guests request us not to do so. However at no time will a member of staff be in the guest lodge at the same time as the guest. (Strict guidelines will be followed in case of an emergency).

4. A full deep clean/service will be performed after each departure, including the use of our fogging machine which we have invested in.  This offers additional prevention of the spread of Covid 19 and hopefully further reassurance of a safe stay for our guests.

5. All laundry is washed at a minimum of sixty degrees centigrade.

6. Certain loose items within the lodges will have been wrapped in cellophane to keep them sanitised, ready for our guests use. They are there to be used, so please do un-wrap them if required.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Old Quay House and wish you a relaxing and safe stay with us.

Should you have any questions prior to booking or your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What to do if you display signs of Covid 19 whilst staying with us…

If you begin to display signs of Covid-19 whilst staying with us, it is recommended that you take a test.  If the results return as positive and a member of your party is confirmed to have Covid-19, please inform us by calling 01736 753445 (please do not enter the inn). It is advised that you self isolate.

If anyone in your party has breathing difficulties or their life is potentially at risk, please seek emergency help immediately by calling 999.