Cornish Tipples – Tarquins Gin and Twin Fin Rum

Tarquins Cornish Gin

For those of you who have visited us before, you will know that we have a pretty extensive beverage collection, especially gins.  This also goes for our locally produced collection, including gins, beers, cider and rums.

If you love your gins, especially Cornish gin, then we’re pretty sure that you will have heard of the iconic ‘Tarquins’ and their scrumptious collection of Cornish botanical beauties.

We’ve been stocking several flavours for years, but we have seriously just upped our Tarquins game, and honestly, you can’t beat a refreshing Tarquins and tonic whilst sat overlooking the estuary from our Azura Deck, drinking in both your T&T and our panoramic view.

When you walk into our bar, you will instantly recognise our Tarquins collection by their unmistakable vibrant wax seals.  So let us enlighten you to what delicious Tarquins flavours we are currently offering, so you can prep up on your order before arriving.

Hmm choices choices!

Blue – Dry Gin,  Red – ‘The Sea Dog’ – Navy Gin,  Gold – Blackberry and Honey,  Silver – Yuzu and Lime,
Yellow – Passion Fruit and Peach,  Pink – Pink Lemon, Grapefruit and Peppercorn,
Silver – Cornish Crocus,  Gold – Pink Grapefruit and Elderflower,  White – Rhubarb and Raspberry,
Deep Pink – Strawberry and Lime,  Bronze – Black Cherry

Tarquins Cornish Gins

They are obviously all subject to availability, especially because they are so tasty that they need replacing regularly, plus Tarquins love to mix it up a little and change out some of their flavours, replacing them with fresh tongue tantalising combos.

So what’s the first flavour you are going to try on your next visit to The Old Quay House?

Yum Rum

Gin not you thing? Fancy something a bit different? Then look no further than our fabulous selection of Twin Fin Cornish Rums.

Brought to you by the creators of Tarquins, they have released some new amazing flavours which are deliciously morish and perfect for sipping whilst soaking up the Cornish rays (Caribbean rays are way overrated) in our estuaryside beer garden .  We’ve served their spiced golden rum for several months now and it’s pretty tasty, and popular to prove it!  However we couldn’t resist stocking their new flavours so that you can give them a try.

Blue Bottle – Spiced Golden – tastes great teamed with ginger beer

Peach Bottle – Coconut and Lychee – tastes great teamed with lemonade

Clear Amber Bottle – Barrel Aged – best served on ice and sipped slowly

Yellow Bottle – Pineapple and Grapefruit – tastes great teamed with lemonade

TwinFin Cornish Rum

Hmmmm, eeny, meeny, miny, moe